Data Integration - Basic Training

This course helps you use Talend Studio for Data Integration as quickly as possible. It focuses on the basic capabilities of Studio and how you can use it to build reliable, maintainable data integration tasks that solve practical problems, including extracting data from common databases and file formats, transforming it, and integrating it into targets.

This course serves as a prerequisite for many other Talend courses, and the skills learned to apply to most Talend products

Data Integration - Advanced Training

Talend Data Integration provides an extensible, highly scalable set of tools to access, transform, and integrate data from any business system. This course enables you to use the more advanced features of Talend Data Integration as quickly as possible.

Participants can work in teams on projects shared on a remote repository to monitor Jobs and database changes.

Data Quality Essentials

Talend Studio for Data Quality enables business users and data management teams to assess the quality of data in any data source. This product also lets you verify data completeness, accuracy, and integrity in preparation for data migration, instance consolidation, and data integration.

This course is designed to help you immediately utilize Talend Studio for Data Quality. You learn how to evaluate data quality according to a set of metrics and thresholds based on indicators, models, and rules for each data item to be analyzed or monitored.

Data Stewardship

Talend Data Stewardship turns data curation and certification into a collaborative activity that engages the people who know the data best. It orchestrates the tasks of fixing, merging, and certifying data with a self-service data curation tool that anyone can use.

This course enables developers and data stewards to create data curation campaigns for fixing, merging, and certifying data. It covers creating data models, quarantining data through DI jobs, and creating and using Talend Data Stewardship to assign tasks and workflows to data stewards or business users. This course builds upon knowledge acquired from the Talend DI Basics course.

Big Data Integration - Basic

Talend provides a development environment that enables users to interact with many Big Data sources and targets without having to understand or write complicated code.

Talend Big Data Basics is an introduction to the Talend components shipped with several products that interact with Big Data systems.

Big Data Integration - Advanced

The first day of this course covers Big Data batch Jobs that use the MapReduce framework.

The second day of the course covers Big Data batch Jobs that use the Spark framework. It then covers Big Data streaming Jobs that use the Spark streaming framework.

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