Are you using an outdated approach to data migration?

Traditional data migration strategies frequently rely on time consuming  hand coding or costly and complex Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) solutions. Both of these solutions leave considerable gaps in the data migration process and create an unnecessary burden of risk for the customer.


Experian Pandora is different. It was built from the ground up by experienced data migration practitioners who recognise the key to success lies in ensuring every phase of the data migration is enabled through a single platform, delivering next generation performance, with a methodology  the entire team can collaborate on.

How can Experian Pandora help your data migration?

   1.  Impact Assessment and Scoping

Experian Pandora provides all the functionality to implement a complete pre-migration impact assessment. This allows you to accurately plan and avoid any early obstacles to success.

  2.   Secure Data Extraction

With one click, Experian Pandora extracts data from a variety of sources straight to a secure repository. Security is also assured through role-based permissions and selective encryption.

  3.   Data Profiling and Discovery

Exhaustively profile your entire data landscape with outstanding performance. Combine with relationship discovery to find hidden connections, rules and gaps across disparate legacy systems.

  4.   Data Quality Management

Experian Pandorais driven by data quality so you can rest assured that your data will be continuosly assessed, improved and monitored throughout the migration and even after go-live.





  5.  Maping Validation and Design

Once your data migration rules are discovered you can then validate their design using the Experian Pandora Prototyping and Data Quality Assessment functionality.

  6.  Data Quality Management

Will the migration succeed? Experian Pandora allows full, end to end prototyping, validation testing and legacy-to target reconciliation assurance

  7.  Data Migration Execution

Experian Pandora connects directly with target systems or can build complex load files for controlled upload. Data Quality management ensures target systems load with perfect data.

  8.  Data Archival

Experian Pandora features a unique repository that can be retained following go-live, enabling post migration assurance or compliance with data retention policies.

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