Businesses benefit from data when it is consumable and in a format for people to interpret and take action. However, the data that makes up an organizational analysis comes in all shapes, sizes and sources and must be extensively cleaned, structured and joined together before analysis can even take place. Relying exclusively on traditional ETL, spreadsheet or scripting-based approaches to prepare data for analysis is no longer a viable option.  

Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise is the industry-leading data wrangling platform. With Wrangler Enterprise, organizations are able to give analyst teams the self-service ability explore and transform data while maintaining centralized management of security, governance and operationalization.

Data Wrangling for Organizations

Speed Up the Analysis Process

Accelerate the analysis process by leveraging a more intuitive and efficient process for preparing data for analysis


Bridge the Gap Between People and Data


Enable business analysts and stakeholders across the organization to intuitively wrangle data themselves instead of relying on IT


Manage Data Security, Governance and Collaboration


Centralize data wrangling processes to enforce IT concerns of data access, lineage and sharing without creating overhead for users

Share Context and Knowledge of Data


Leverage the shared knowledge and context of individuals across the organization to foster repeatable, data-driven innovation


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