Building common reports or dashboards requires analysts to structure, clean and join together multiple diverse data sources. The majority of this data is kept in disparate desktop spreadsheet files and requires a lot of massaging prior to use in an analysis project.

Trifacta Wrangler is specifically designed to make this preparation process easier and faster. By providing a connected desktop application for users to visually explore, structure and publish out dashboard-ready datasets, we’re focused on helping analysts deliver faster and more accurate analysis.

Create your own Workflow

Prepare your data without programming

Data Wrangling for Individuals

Benefits of Wrangler

Wrangler includes the core aspects of Trifacta’s award-winning data wrangling experience.


Talend simplifies the integration of big data so you can respond to business demands without having to write or maintain complicated Apache Hadoop code. Enable existing developers to start working with Hadoop and NoSQL databases today. Use simple, graphical tools and wizards to generate native code that leverages the full power of Hadoop and accelerates your path to informed decisions.



Accelerate Understanding

Rapidly gain an understanding for the makeup of any dataset with automated and intelligent visual representations of its content.

Surface and Resolve Quality Issues


Uncover potential data quality issues present in your files such as outliers or missing or mismatching records



Tame Disorderly Datasets


Standardize, structure, and join together files with an intuitive, guided approach to wrangling data

Best-of-Breed Hybrid Architecture


The simplicity of a desktop application but with the seamless product updates and metadata access of a cloud service

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